I’ve been designing and coding before smart phones, before the internet was born, before windows 3.3, before the PC… and so on.    To stay with it I am continually trying to get new frameworks working – its not just about code anymore.

As things start to work I want to record it, so when I need to do it again I have somewhere to look in a quick reminder format for me.  If others find the notes useful then great, but they are designed to remind me quickly of how I did it.

My career has been mainly in large financials doing enterprise IT – from a simple calendar website for Equity Sales, through to global real time pricing for financial products with compute grids and distributed caches. Its been a pleasure to manage teams in London, Glasgow, Hong Kong, New York, Stamford, Mumbai, Krakow and Moscow. Before all this I was implementing firmware for ISDN and FDDI and testing physical products as they rolled out in France and Germany (dropping steel balls onto the box to see if they break.)

I’m currently interested in Rust, and working in C# after a joyous 6 years in Scala. I have also done loads of Java, some TypeScript, a bit of Ruby, some GoLang, and started in C then C++ with embedded software.

Horizontal scaling of systems and teams is more important (and interesting) than mechanical sympathy.

Good luck in all your enterprise projects.